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Cannocchiale mirino 3-12x50 E SF d=30 LP Premium

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Tempo spedizione: 2-4 Tage*
- Ingrandimento: 3x - 12x
- Diametro obiettivo: 50mm
- Tubo centrale: 30mm
- Reticolo: punto luce
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Tempo spedizione: 2-4 Tage*
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          Autore: Jean Michel Ferrand
          Valutazione: 5 di 5 Stelle!


          Très bon rapport qualité/prix. En combinaison avec ma 22 LR 455 thumbhole, accord parfait. A 50 m, avec de bonnes munitions, les balles se logent au centre de la cible. Lors d'un futur essai à 100 m, je pense que, le grossissement de la lunette aidant, le résultat sera également très concluant. Je ne possédais pas encore de lunette avec réglage de parallaxe par molette, j'ai découvert cette fonction qui est vraiment des plus pratique.

          Autore: Miroslav Rakizevac
          Valutazione: 5 di 5 Stelle!


          I can tell this is good scope for the money. What makes it good?
          - generous eye relief (no chance for poked eye even with magnum calibers)
          - Fine 2moa red dot in the center without any glare and perfect in dusk/dawn conditions
          - side parallax adjustment (this function is necessary if you want to use digital night vision add on like nitesite)
          - robust (it is thick and solid made which really gives you feel of premium scope)
          - solid dusk and dawn performance (of course it can't compete to much expensive brand optics like Kahles, Zeiss or Swarovski etc. but it is ok, and it is usable)

          Do I agree this is premium scope?
          I would put this rifle scope in Optisan mamba or Delta titanium class which is good cause they are 2-3x the price of this rifle scope. But neither of them including this Sutter optics does not have generous filed of view. In other words they all have narrow fov comparing to premium brands. FOV on high quality brands rifle scopes (I will compare to mine old scopes: Karl Kahles Helia Super and Swarovski Habicht) at same mag settings is better and wider, and dusk to dawn performance of real premium brand scopes are far better.
          Final thought...
          Very good rifle scope for the money which should not be underestimated cause although it has budget price it can cover your hunting needs + it is night vision capable with digital add on like Nitesite.
          For night vision use it is even far better than any 5-10x more expensive brand rifle scopes i mentioned above cause high quality AR coatings on them does not pass IR light to ccd sensor and most of them does not have side paralax adjustment :)

          Well done Sutter

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          risparmia 10% invece 209,99 ¤ solo 189,99 ¤
          incl. 19 % UST escl.
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